Voter Pledge Drives

Getting voters on board, united in a massive, overwhelming bloc, is the foundation for the success of a people’s takeover of Congress in 2018.  After all, it’s what those voters do in the voting booth which ultimately determines the success of our strategy.

The importance of spreading the word about the CFAR, why it represents hope for the voice of the people being heard, individual votes making a difference, and true representative democracy replacing our current oligarchic rule by the rich and powerful, cannot be overstated.

Thus, voter pledge drives — that is, having voters pledge to only vote for candidates who have signed the CFAR — constitute a vital core of activism.

While they ultimately have the same impact, the pledges can take different forms.

There is the basic online form, which issues blanket endorsement CFAR candidates.  This is what it looks like.

This can be printed out and offered in-person as well.  Obviously, when signed physical versions of the pledge are collected, they need to be entered into our database for later use in promoting CFAR candidates with the voting public.

Another effective version of the voter pledge emphasizes the particular issues which are central to a CFAR candidate’s campaign in his or her particular voting jurisdiction.

Here is an example of a printable version of such a pledge.  Notice that the CFAR is still a part of the pledge but the voter’s focus is drawn to what has been determined are the important issues in that district.

However the CFAR voter pledge is optimized for a campaign, the crucial thing is getting as many people nationally familiar with and excited about the Contract For American Renewal, and the potential for electing a “people’s Congress” in November 2018.

As they say, it’s a numbers game.

But that’s actually reason for hope.  There are millions and millions of frustrated and angry everyday citizens who are tired of being left out of the process, sick of seeing all of the wealth and advantages going to the top .1%, fed up with struggling in a system that is becoming more and more rigged against them by the day, and ready for some real change.

In terms of activists spreading the good news about what we as citizens can do if we just stick together, again it’s all in the numbers.  Look again at the power of the exponential multiplier and see for yourself how one person’s voice can become tens of milllions of voices, a chorus of like-minded, deserving, decent everyday citizens, who just want their fair share, a decent life for themselves and their children, the opportunity to do what’s right and good for their community and their country.

No activist should for a moment fail to see how vital to the future of America their role is in this battle for a government of the people, by the people, for the people.

Every voter counts.  Every voter pledge counts.