People Power

There are 435 House seats and there are 33 Senate seats up for election in November 2018.

That’s 468 seats total up for grabs.  This means we are faced with a Herculean task!  But it’s got to be done.  We need to win every one of those contests, electing candidates who are on the side of everyday citizens.  Without regime change in Congress, NOTHING will change!

Thus . . .

In each and every congressional district and in each and every senate race, we must identify ONE CANDIDATE who supports a genuine populist-progressive agenda.

Why?  Because there are a host of important things the vast majority of everyday citizens want done — the very things THAT DON’T GET DONE with our current batch of toadie puppets sitting in Congress, doing only the bidding of their ruling class masters.

When we unite the public in a huge national voting bloc in support of these populist-progressive initiatives, we will take over Congress in the next election!

PEOPLE POWER November 2018!