Voting With Certainty

The CFAR takes the guesswork out of voting!

It produces in black-and-white a shared commitment between a candidate and the voting public.  It is a bond of trust underscored by a legally-binding contract.

The CFAR includes eleven initiatives supported by 62%-80% of the American public.

If we elect a candidate who has signed the CFAR, a legally-binding contract with his or her constituents, we will know exactly what that person will be doing from day one, after arriving in Washington DC.  Thus …


This eliminates the frauds, the pretenders, the slick politicos who will say anything to get elected, then afflicted with the amnesia that sets in when they arrive in our nation’s capitol, forget about the folks back home who sent them to their cushy jobs in Washington DC.

Our electoral process has become infotainment, a three ring circus.  Funded by deep-pocketed corporate patrons, courted by the rich and powerful, wined and dined by hired gun lobbyists, establishment neoliberal candidates now have no loyalty to everyday citizens.  Despite enormous popularity and a crying need, those eleven items which form the core of the CFAR commitments, never make it through our corrupt legislative bodies.

The CFAR allows voters with confidence to invest their faith and trust in candidates who are not owned and controlled by the ruling elite, not at the beck and call of transnational corporations, not beholden to Wall Street and the big investment banks, not the doormat of the military-industrial-security complex.

The CFAR puts voters and their candidates of choice on the same page with eleven initiatives that will begin a major transformation in legislative priorities and policies, a new direction in the way our government does business, a much-needed reinvigoration and renewal of a nation which has been gutted and bankrupted by the greed of a ruling class which has no concept of limits or common decency.