It’s obvious to anyone who’s looking.

Something is very seriously wrong!

Despite the 24/7/365 stream of well-crafted propaganda, sugar-coated statistics, disorienting distractions, disinformation, distortions, and mind-numbing melodrama, there’s a word which sums up the state of our nation . . .


We have widespread unemployment and underemployment; many citizens are working at far below a livable wage; solid, widely supported programs like Social Security and Medicare are under attack; millions of people don’t have access to good, affordable health care; the costs of quality health services continue to spin out of control; the rich and powerful refuse to pay their fair share in taxes; our infrastructure is crumbling; our well-being and even our survival is increasingly under threat from climate change and endless war; big money continues to poison our electoral process and destroy our democracy; both personal and public debt keeps mounting and financial insolvency is threatening us at all levels; public education is in decline and college is becoming unaffordable for millions of young people; the big banks and corporations just keep getting bigger and the everyday citizen is becoming increasingly powerless. 

Our whole way of life is under enormous stress.  We no longer feel safe, whether it’s the air we breathe, the water we drink, or the food we eat.  Our workplaces, shopping malls, even our streets now carry unprecedented risks of violence, sometimes from those who are supposed to protect us — our local police look like they’ve just arrived from a war zone in the Middle East.

None of this is an accident, and it’s all connected.

As long as current policies continue, which serve the ruling elite, pander to Wall Street, cater to corporate interests, indulge the military-industrial complex, and mirror the skewed priorities of the Deep State, for everyday American citizens — the vast majority of us! — our nation will continue its accelerating decline with shrinking opportunity, increased misery, widespread insecurity, disintegrating family and community life, and loss of basic human and constitutional rights.

Something needs to be done and done quickly.

Perhaps the most critical election in our history is coming up in November 2018.

If we act now and act intelligently and decisively, we might be able to turn this mess around.

Let’s not kid ourselves.  The problems are not going to fix themselves.

And we sure can’t count on the folks that created the crisis to do anything about it.

So it’s entirely up to US.

Let’s get to work!