What exactly is the CFAR (Contract For American Renewal), and how is it going to be effective?

CFAR2018 is a straightforward electoral concept and strategy with an innovative and decisive twist.  That twist is this: The CFAR is signed and honored by a candidate as a legally-binding contract.  This offers credibility and assures service to voters that pleasant-sounding rhetoric and vague campaign promises cannot.

The CFAR takes the guesswork out of voting on key issues and identifies for the public who running for office is TRULY ON THE SIDE OF THE PEOPLE.

Understand, the CFAR is an electoral tool — our weapon of choice — for challenging the anti-democratic status quo, and thus is the centerpiece of our comprehensive strategy for electing candidates with integrity, honesty, transparency and accountability.  

The CFAR is made available to “people’s candidates” — genuine populist-progressives — as a decisive mechanism for defeating centrist-neoliberal candidates, the vast majority of major party politicos, who serve only the rich and powerful and are shills for the corporate state. 

Central to the CFAR strategy are issues that are supported by 62%-80% of the voting public.  Among these are raising the minimum wage, eliminating Citizens United, supporting clean air and water, protecting Social Security and Medicare, instituting infrastructure repair, inaugurating single-payer health care, ending perpetual war and reining in militarism, and so on. 

The CFAR is a completely new and unique method for standing up to the establishment autocracy, which now puts the priorities of the ruling class before those of the vast majority of everyday citizens and is destroying our democracy.

The CFAR strategy is a two-front campaign. 

On one side is a unified bloc of CFAR candidates.  On the other is a unified bloc of CFAR voters.

The CFAR strategy is not some silly, “by-the-way”, fringe effort.  We’re just getting started and CFAR signers are already in the thick of very important contests.  For example …

•  A CFAR signer is challenging the embarrassing, less-than-inspiring Ted Cruz in Texas

•  A CFAR signer is challenging the faux-progressive Dianne Feinstein in California

•  A CFAR signer is challenging the corrupt Debbie Wasserman Schultz in Florida

•  A CFAR signer is challenging establishment incumbent Debbie Stabenow in Michigan

•  A CFAR signer is challenging the neoliberal establishment Claire McCaskill in Missouri

“Only vote for #CFAR candidates for Congress in November 2018!”

Our place on the political map:

We are non-aligned, non-ideological, non-partisan citizen activists, who are deeply concerned about the decaying state of our democracy, angry about abuse of power, and appalled by the marginalization of everyday citizens.

We are deeply patriotic, loyal to the United States of America and all of its citizens, and dedicated to enforcing their rights of full participation in the governing of our nation.

We are determined to implement full, true, representative democracy through dramatic electoral and systemic reform.