Real Representative Democracy

Let’s not kid ourselves any longer.  There is a class of ultra-wealthy people, a tiny elite minority who despise us regular folks, disdain democracy, believe themselves extraordinary, superior, and above the rules and considerations which apply to the rest of us slobbering inferiors.  You can look at this psychologically, anthropologically, historically, sociologically, however you choose to analyze this phenomenon.  The reality is that it has been a factor in recorded history as long as there has been recorded history.

A fundamental principle in an egalitarian democracy is that such inevitable aristocratic forces be kept in check.  Look around.  We have failed.  Those aristocratic, authoritarian, elitist instincts which are always part of the DNA of a certain class of such patricians, are completely out of control in contemporary America.  The commons is being plundered or acquired and hoarded, the “general welfare” is being ignored — even mocked — the notion of the American Dream has become a punch line for a comedy routine that’s played out on the stage of a country in a suicidal tailspin, a nation unraveling and apparently determined to now promote everything it once stood against: grotesque wealth inequality, plutocratic pillage, grotesque and anti-democratic militarism, foreign entanglements and imperial conquest, perpetual war, destruction of citizen privacy and constitutional protection.

Almost everyone now sitting in Congress is directly responsible for or complicit with the control of our legislative bodies by the ruling elite.  They benefit from it.  They go along with it.  They are not going to change it.

Therefore we must change them.  Either we change their behavior — a dubious prospect at this stage from what we’ve seen — or we “change” the them who hold those positions.  We “unelect” those now in office and elect honest, accountable, responsive representatives to replace them.

That is why we’re calling for regime change in Congress November 2018.  This is the most positive, non-violent path for cutting deep into the system and excising the cancer of corruption.

It is only with a complete changing of the guards that we can begin to look forward to real representative democracy.

What can you do?

As a voter, you can join other like-minded voters, stand firm and support candidates who are on the side of the people.  The CFAR is a bond of trust between genuine people’s candidates and their future constituents.  Only vote for candidates who have signed the CFAR!

As an activist, you can help us identify qualified, motivated populist-progressive candidates, introduce them to the CFAR, then help them defeat their establishment centrist-neoliberal opponents.  This is a unique, historic opportunity to inaugurate real change and turn our country around!

As a true people’s candidate, embracing the CFAR strategy will cement in the minds of your future constituents your commitment to them, demonstrate your transparency and accountability, and offer proof of your integrity, honesty, and reliability.  The CFAR is a giant step toward putting together a winning campaign!

Our enemies are well-funded, well-connected, ruthless, lacking common decency and any appreciation of fairness and justice.  They have an towering sense of entitlement, an aristocratic world view, and certainly no intention of sharing their wealth and power.

It’s going to take focus, hard work, dedication, commitment, some long hours and some sleepless nights, to defeat them.

But make no mistake about it . . .


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