The Only Solution

    Breathtakingly selfish or criminally insane?  It doesn’t matter.  Either way these folks need to be fired and replaced!


America is being run into the ground.  It’s being done right before our eyes.

By the very people we’ve elected to represent us and address our needs!

Which means we need to get rid of the pay-for-play legislators on both sides of the aisle and put some good, honest, hard-working folks in office, ones who we know with certainty will go to Washington and represent us, the people who elect them — not their Wall Street donors, not their deep-pocketed corporate benefactors, not their country club friends.

Yes, we need to get rid of these crooks and liars who will say anything to get elected, then go to Washington DC and just do the bidding of their deep-pocketed patrons.  We need then to replace them with public servants who will serve the public, not the .01% ruling elite.

There are 435 congressional House seats and 33 Senate seats up for election in November 2018.

That’s 468 seats total up for grabs.  This means we are faced with a Herculean task!  But it’s got to be done.

If we win the overwhelming majority of those contests, electing candidates who are on the side of everyday citizens, EVERYTHING WILL CHANGE!