Voter Pledges

Signing a voter pledge, whether online or in person, is an admirable, important step.

It is an acknowledgement that the only way to fix our broken democracy is to band together with other like-minded voters and demand that what we want we get.

Our strength is in our numbers.

Remember, every initiative on the Contract For American Renewal is supported by 62% – 80% of U.S. citizens!

These initiatives are not supported by corporate CEOs, Wall Street bankers, hedge fund managers, high-rolling investors, the ultra-wealthy, not even by the not-so-ultra-wealthy but still pretty well off.  Why?  That’s simple.  Because if everyday Americans start getting their fair share of the enormous wealth of this country, these fat cats won’t be able to add even more to their incomprehensibly huge piles of money!

And the reason why the minimum wage is abysmally low, why college tuition is astronomically high, why the rich get off paying a tiny slice in taxes what they should and get to hide their wealth in off-shore accounts and other tax havens, why the wars and military waste just keep going though they make no sense to everyday citizens and deplete our resources, why Social Security and Medicare are constantly under assault by greedy billionaires who want to gamble away our hard-earned retirement funds, why corporations and deep-pocketed donors can flood our electoral system with so much money they effectively buy our elections, why everything that makes its way through the labyrinthine legislative process benefits the rich and powerful and shafts the rest of us, yes, the explanation for all of this is simple.


Which is why signing a voter pledge to only vote for a candidate who has signed the CFAR is such a big deal.

It’s standing up to the corruption.  It’s saying, “Enough is enough!  We’re mad as hell and we’re not going to take it anymore!”

Yes, signing the pledge is a truly decisive and powerful statement.  It demonstrates real patriotism and genuine respect for millions of other citizens in this country, because it’s a commitment to real democracy:  Government of the people, by the people, and for the people.

Now comes an equally important assignment.

That’s letting others know about the CFAR, about your desire make America work for all Americans, not just a privileged few.

Recall that this only works if a vast majority of voters are on board. 

Sound impossible?

Not at all . . . if we each just do a little bit.

Let’s look at the power of numbers, specifically exponential numbers.

Exponential numbers are multipliers.  They work hard, they work fast, and produce astonishing results.

To see how we can make the CFAR pledge campaign a smashing success, just take a look at this:  2 x 2 x 2 x 2 . . .