2 x 2 x 2 x 2 . . .

Let’s say today one person signs the voter pledge, then tomorrow tells two — only two! — others about it.

These two people are not just anyone.  They are members of his or her family, close friends, people at the church or synagogue where he or she goes, but most importantly, they are people who are concerned about the future of this country and what it holds for them and their loved ones.  They are people who are tired of being ignored by their elected officials, feel like they don’t have any proper say in what’s coming out of Washington DC.

They are two individuals who will also sign the voter pledge, because they are determined to do something good for themselves, their family, their friends, their neighbors, their community, America.  And they will likewise each tell two others who are sure to sign the pledge and tell two others about the CFAR.

Getting the picture?

One person signs the voter pledge, then tells two people, who the next day each sign the pledge and tell two people.  These four people the following day sign the pledge and tell eight people.  These eight people the next day do the same.  On and on, day by day, each person only telling two others, but always two others who are certain to sign the pledge and continue the process.

One times two times two times two . . .

Without using a smart phone, the internet, or a calculator, take a guess how long it would take to get 60 million signatures this way.

Really.  Take a wild stab at it.

The answer might really surprise you.

In 27 days would have 67,108,864 signed pledges.

In only 27 days!

The next election is November 6, 2018.

We have the time.

If everyone just does a little, then we can do this!