Do the Math

We must identify and only vote for candidates who are honest, loyal, transparent, and will offer a bulletproof guarantee of service to the good, decent, trusting citizens who elect them to office.

Yes, this is a monumental challenge, perhaps the biggest in our history.  But it has to be done, if we are to make our government work for all of us, not just the rich and powerful.  It’s the only way to put the country back on track, and assure a good future for ourselves, our children, and our children’s children.

Even so . . .

We can do this!

Why so confident?

Because the time is right.

The people have never been so frustrated … so angry … so ready!

And the ruling elite have never been so arrogant … so brash … so flamboyantly corrupt … reckless and foolish.

Look at these numbers . . .

There are over 235 million eligible voters in the U.S.

Half of them — the bottom 50% — are really hurting because of this economy, are living in run-down communities, sending their kids to schools that are abysmally underfunded and poorly staffed, are being driven to desperation from lack of opportunities, disappearing jobs, unlivable wages, underemployment and job insecurity.  All of this is the direct result of legislation passed year-after-year by a Congress that favors the already rich and powerful and ignores the needs of everyday citizens.  That’s 117 million voters who are absolutely fed up with a system that’s rigged against them!

The next 30% — the middle class — are now seeing the writing on the wall.  Their taxes are going up.  Their debt keeps mounting.  The promised recovery from the 2008 financial collapse still hasn’t arrived.  Their salaries are stagnant.  Their communities and the infrastructure holding the country together is falling apart.  They’re slipping gradually but steadily down into that bottom 50%, while the already incomprehensibly rich just keep piling up more and more. 

So there’s another 70 million voters who are fed up with the games.

117 million + 70 million = 187 million voters.

Can we assemble 80 million voters to stand united and demand fair treatment?  80 million voters who are mad as hell and aren’t going to take it anymore?

To do what we need to do, we only need 80 million voters — probably not even that — of the 187 million plus eligible voters who are being shafted by a rigged system!

That’s right!  We only need 80 million voters to get rid of the “bad guys” now in Congress and replace them with “good guys” who will report directly to and start working faithfully for their constituents.

And once these folks see tens of millions of others standing shoulder-to-shoulder with them, ready to elect candidates who will guarantee to do the things they want done, you better believe they’ll show up at the polls.  It’s just a matter of putting up candidates who have integrity, transparency, accountability, and will guarantee results.

So yes, we can do this!

We are standing at a crossroads. A historical junction. The fate of our country is in our hands.

The PEOPLE … the everyday citizens — who are the ones who actually built this country and deserve to share in its enormous riches — must join together and stand strong.

We must unite and elect a “people’s Congress” — one which works for every American citizen, not just a privileged few.

But make no mistake about it . . . time is not on our side.

If we don’t act now, it’s game over.  Democracy in the U.S. will be dead for many decades to come.  And the vast majority of us will eventually end up beggar-serfs in a callous, avaricious tyranny of the ruling elite.

Regime change in Washington DC . . . beginning with the November 2018 elections!

A Comprehensive National Strategy